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Services that we offer:

Karts for Sale 

  • We have A great range of used karts from cadet to senior level.
  • Karts come with A brand new seat to your size.
  • We also offer brand new karts and engines (please contact for more information).
  • We take the time to show you how to use the kart as well as showing you the basic maintenance.

Kart Shop 

• Plenty of used parts available with postage to anywhere in the world.

Mechanic days 

  • Mechanics for practice / test days as well as race days.
  • Mechanics tuition, setup and advice.

Driver tuition

  • Have you ever wanted to learn the fastest way around the kart track.
  • To learn how to overtake and to defend.
  • To learn how to drive consistently and smoothly.
  • To learn how to drive in all weathers.


  • We offer preparation work and stand alone jobs, at very reasonable prices.

Basic prep

  • The basic preparation, for those who don’t need much doing to their kart.
  • Aimed at low budgets.

Full prep 

  • The full preparation includes everything, to make sure your kart is at its best.

Stand alone jobs 

  • We offer a stand alone job service to sort those little problems on your kart, without the hassle of a full prep.

Kart Hire

  • Experience a adrenaline filled day in a Rotax Max kart.
  • Up to to a full day, prices start from £300.