Kart Servicing

We offer two “standard” kart servicing options, our basic prep and full prep. For bespoke/specific requirements call us and we’ll advise including ball park pricing.

Description Kart Basic Prep Kart Full Prep
Full Deep Clean
Damage and Wear Check
Remove Engine  
Bearing Check
Remove Axle  
Service Brakes
Electrical Check
Tracking and Alignment
Refit Engine if Required  
Change Fuel Lines  
Charge Battery
  £50 £150
Stand Alone Jobs Costs Excluding Parts  
Kart Deep Clean  £30  
Strip Full Kart To Bare Frame  £160  
Tyre Removal And refitting  £20  
Brake Pads Fitting  £10  
Axle Bearing Change  £60  
Hub Bearing Change  £25  
Stub Axle Bearing Change  £25  
Seat Fitting  £40  
Chain & Sprocket Fitting  £20  
Axle Change  £40  
Engine Removal  £25  
Engine Fitting  £25  
Track Rods Change  £25  
Sprocket on Clutch Drum Change  £20  
Steering Column Change  £35  
Radiator Change  £20  

Karts that are not collected within 4 working days will be subject to an additional storage charge, unless previously agreed.

Hire a mechanic

Need a mechanic for a day? We charge from £120 per day. Contact us for details

Driver tuition

Have you ever wanted to ..

  • learn the fastest way around the kart track?
  • learn how to overtake and to defend?
  • learn how to drive consistently and smoothly?
  • learn how to drive in all weathers?

Contact us for details.